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Why You Should Be Window Tinting Your Home

How Window Tinting Can Save Money in Your Home

Now that we’re well into the winter months, it’s time to begin thinking about how your budget allows for tinting the windows in your home before the upcoming spring and summer months. Why? Residential window tinting could be saving you money once the weather warms up. Here are some things to consider:

Window tinting blocks solar heat.

On average, most tints block 55% of the solar heat radiating from the sun. During the warmest months of summer, the sun is at its hottest and is nearest the earth, meaning your home absorbs a large amount of energy from the sun through uncovered windows. Unfortunately, this energy warms your home, requiring your air conditioner to work harder to cool it and sending your energy bill through the roof.

Window tinting blocks UV light.

Most window tints block 99% of UV light, which causes heating. However, UV light is also a cause of skin cancer as well as a contributing factor to interior property damage from sunlight, such as cracked, peeling leather furniture, paint bubbling, and more.

Selective tinting blocks different types of light.

Tints that block infrared or visible light may appear darkened, though some are designed to allow visible light and block infrared. The specific combination of light you wish to block is likely available – speak to one of our experts to determine what type of tint meets your needs.

Window tinting is effective in the winter, too.

Tints that block infrared light can retain any artificially produced heat inside your home, making these tints effective year-round. Winter tints can decrease heating costs due to their high heat retention.

Window tinting saves you energy and money.

As mentioned, window tinting can save you energy costs in both winter and summer, as well as during the rest of the ear. Cost savings of anywhere from 35% to 50% are possible depending on your selection.

No matter which window tint option you choose, winter can be an ideal time to install it before the heat of the summer. Window tints can pay for themselves in energy savings in two to five years, so the time to act is now. Reach out to FormulaOne by AES for more residential window tinting information.