Tinting Your Company Windows - Commercial Window Tinting OKC

Why You Should Be Tinting Your Company Windows

Decorative Tinting: Making the Most of Your Window Space

Tinting your company windows has changed building architecture as we know it. Advances in commercial window tinting have led to architects designing storefronts, office lobbies, and doors utilizing a great deal more glass and natural light. We suggest looking at the extra space as an extra opportunity to show what your business is all about with creative window tinting. This extra window space inspires a wealth of creative ideas perfect for branding your business.


An obvious choice for entry doors, sidelight windows, or office hallway windows is your company’s logo. A logo can be as big and bold as you like, utilizing all the colors your brand typically showcases. Alternatively, you could go with a monochromatic, watermark, or brushed glass look for a more understated feel.

Company values or mission statements.

Larger windows are often a perfect place to display longer, horizontally oriented text, such as your company’s mission statement. Before your clients even enter your business space, they get the opportunity to learn what your business is all about. Keep this text understated to draw the eye into the business itself, or use a pop of color to catch attention.

Street-facing windows.

Street facing windows have the benefit of catching the attention of anyone who passes by, whether they were looking for your business or not. Make sure passers-by are aware of which businesses are in your building, as well as hours and other pertinent signage. Keep it eye-catching!

Functional tints.

Some businesses need to give their clients a sense of privacy when they’re inside the walls of the building – but large expanses of windows don’t lend themselves well to privacy. Consider installing custom tints to block your clients from view while continuing to allow natural light. Such tints can also be decorative while giving a bit of privacy.

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