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Why You Should Be Tinting Your Company Windows

Decorative Tinting: Making the Most of Your Window Space

Tinting your company windows has changed building architecture as we know it. Advances in commercial window tinting have led to architects designing storefronts, office lobbies, and doors utilizing a great deal more glass and natural light. We suggest looking at the extra space as an extra opportunity to show what your business is all about with creative window tinting. This extra window space inspires a wealth of creative ideas perfect for branding your business.


An obvious choice for entry doors, sidelight windows, or office hallway windows is your company’s logo. A logo can be as big and bold as you like, utilizing all the colors your brand typically showcases. Alternatively, you could go with a monochromatic, watermark, or brushed glass look for a more understated feel.

Company values or mission statements.

Larger windows are often a perfect place to display longer, horizontally oriented text, such as your company’s mission statement. Before your clients even enter your business space, they get the opportunity to learn what your business is all about. Keep this text understated to draw the eye into the business itself, or use a pop of color to catch attention.

Street-facing windows.

Street facing windows have the benefit of catching the attention of anyone who passes by, whether they were looking for your business or not. Make sure passers-by are aware of which businesses are in your building, as well as hours and other pertinent signage. Keep it eye-catching!

Functional tints.

Some businesses need to give their clients a sense of privacy when they’re inside the walls of the building – but large expanses of windows don’t lend themselves well to privacy. Consider installing custom tints to block your clients from view while continuing to allow natural light. Such tints can also be decorative while giving a bit of privacy.

Are you considering commercial window tinting in OKC for your business? FormulaOne by AES offers information on all its affordable products and services, so reach out today.




Window Tinting Your Home - Window Tinting OKC

Why You Should Be Window Tinting Your Home

How Window Tinting Can Save Money in Your Home

Now that we’re well into the winter months, it’s time to begin thinking about how your budget allows for tinting the windows in your home before the upcoming spring and summer months. Why? Residential window tinting could be saving you money once the weather warms up. Here are some things to consider:

Window tinting blocks solar heat.

On average, most tints block 55% of the solar heat radiating from the sun. During the warmest months of summer, the sun is at its hottest and is nearest the earth, meaning your home absorbs a large amount of energy from the sun through uncovered windows. Unfortunately, this energy warms your home, requiring your air conditioner to work harder to cool it and sending your energy bill through the roof.

Window tinting blocks UV light.

Most window tints block 99% of UV light, which causes heating. However, UV light is also a cause of skin cancer as well as a contributing factor to interior property damage from sunlight, such as cracked, peeling leather furniture, paint bubbling, and more.

Selective tinting blocks different types of light.

Tints that block infrared or visible light may appear darkened, though some are designed to allow visible light and block infrared. The specific combination of light you wish to block is likely available – speak to one of our experts to determine what type of tint meets your needs.

Window tinting is effective in the winter, too.

Tints that block infrared light can retain any artificially produced heat inside your home, making these tints effective year-round. Winter tints can decrease heating costs due to their high heat retention.

Window tinting saves you energy and money.

As mentioned, window tinting can save you energy costs in both winter and summer, as well as during the rest of the ear. Cost savings of anywhere from 35% to 50% are possible depending on your selection.

No matter which window tint option you choose, winter can be an ideal time to install it before the heat of the summer. Window tints can pay for themselves in energy savings in two to five years, so the time to act is now. Reach out to FormulaOne by AES for more residential window tinting information.





Window Tinting for Commercial Property - FormulaOne By AES

Planning Your Window Tinting for Commercial Property

4 Ways Commercial Properties Benefit From Window Tinting

Commercial property owners should understand the potential value of investing in window tinting, because the benefits are many. In the grand scheme of a commercial project, window tinting may seem like an afterthought. However, it is actually quite beneficial in many unexpected ways. Here are just a few of the ways in which window tinting for commercial property is beneficial:

  1. Energy efficiency. Tinted windows are more efficient in all seasons, but they are especially useful for keeping spaces cool in the hot months. Even in winter, direct sun in commercial buildings warms up common areas to an uncomfortable temperature. In the scale of a commercial building, these energy savings can be astronomical. As an added benefit, the efficiency has a positive environmental impact.
  2. Customized design. Window tinting is not limited to black, gray, or clear color schemes. Tinting can add color and geometric design that sets off the architecture of a building, while also helping the space to feel more fun and upbeat. Window tinting can help enhance your brand by making it an integral part of your space.
  3. Customizable privacy. In certain parts of a commercial building, it’s appropriate to visibly view the outdoors. In other areas, privacy is desired. Tinting allows the opportunity to create areas that are private from the outside without obstructing the view from the inside. Privacy from outside views can help protect your business and your employees.
  4. More cost effective. If the alternative to window tinting is industrial blinds, tinting is easier to maintain, and far cheaper. It costs the contractor or ownerless in the short-term, as well as the long term.

If you are looking for the best window tinting services OKC has to offer, look no further than FormulaOne By AES. We offer commercial and residential services in many colors, designs, and varieties. Call today for a quote.





Residential Window Tinting - Window Tinting OKC

Financial Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

4 Ways Window Tinting Boosts Your Home’s Value

Residential window tinting offers much more than just additional privacy. In fact, tinted windows pay for themselves quickly after being installed. You probably enjoy tinting and UV protection in your car, and in many commercial establishments you visit. Why not enjoy the same luxury in your home? Here are four ways tinted windows may actually save you money.

  1. Window tinting increases the home’s value. Any significant remodel directly impacts the equity you build in a property. Because of this, tinting windows adds to the value of your home instantly. Additionally, it helps preserve other elements of the home indoors, like hardwoods.
  2. Energy savings happen overnight. You don’t have to wait to notice a difference in your energy bill. Tinted windows repel UV rays that keep your house warm in the summer, causing your central air conditioner to work harder than it needs to. This drives up bills and wastes valuable energy. The same is sometimes true for heat escaping in winter.
  3. Tinting provides instant sun damage protection. Natural lighting is a beautiful thing, but direct sun can damage valuable furniture, wood floors, wood furniture, and fine upholstery. Protecting these is as easy as investing in tinted windows.
  4. Window tinting is cheaper than blinds and shutters. Installing high-end plantation blinds or custom shutters is expensive, and it obstructs the view of the outdoors. With window tinting, you can still enjoy an unaltered view, while also saving the money that blinds or indoor shutters would have cost. Also, you still reap many of the same energy benefits for less.

In addition to residential window tinting in OKC, FormulaOne By AES has over 50 years of experience in residential, commercial and decorative window tinting. For projects big and small, we give 100% to executing your vision. Save money and reap the benefits of residential window tinting today.





Window Tinting: A Brief History

Have you ever noticed the windows on a skyscraper; that nice reflective quality on the glass? This is a brief history of where window tint came from, and how we still benefit from it today.

Window Tinting: A Brief History

Window tinting in the US goes back about 50 years to the 1960s and 70s when the first window films were being implemented in automotive glass. The aim was to make them as transparent as possible, however a demand for more colored films began to increase. As the Disco era was at its peak in the late 1970s, limousines had incorporated a dark tint, which added to the privacy of the passengers.

By the 1980s many states had to incorporate their own laws for vehicle window tinting, due to increased accidents. The dark windows were not only difficult to see into, but equally difficult to see out of! It wasn’t until the 1990s that we began to see more advanced types of film that are popular today.

Window film, throughout it’s 50 year history, continues to advance and improve. As folks began to see the benefits of tint in automobiles, they began to utilize it in residential and commercial applications. Today we have window film that protects from UV rays, and even prevents the breakage of glass into a thousand, tiny pieces. Even the breakage of glass altogether! Window tinting continues making history!

Today homeowners can experience a plethora of benefits from window tinting. They range from protection from break ins from intruders, protection from various weather elements, to cutting your cooling bill! As always, for the best professional advice on residential and commercial window tinting, contact the pros at FormulaOne!


Why should I hire a professional?

We all know summers in Oklahoma can be hotter than… a snowball in a dryer! There is always that one room with all the windows, and all the sun. Should you cut costs and just tint it yourself, or hire a professional?

Why should I hire a professional?

If you are a handy person, you might be anxious to tint you windows yourself. Sometimes, it can be fun to tackle projects you’ve never attempted, if you love the challenge. However, tinting windows isn’t  a recommended DIY project. Here a few of the issues that you can run into by attempting this project on your own.

  • Proper tools – Watching some online videos can make many projects look simple, but they never show the hours of practice. Most of the kits you buy require you to cut the film to the exact size, which is extremely difficult without professional tools. DIY kits can only be used once, so if you make a mistake, you will have to buy another kit.
  • Dirt – If you’ve ever swept a floor, you realize how difficult it is to remove 100% of the dirt line. If just one speck of dust is trapped under the tint, in can ruin the entire installation. This can leave wrinkles and bubbles in the film, compromising it’s appearance and functionality.
  • You get what you pay for – Event though these kits are much cheaper upfront, you will get what you pay for. You wouldn’t hire a plumber who has never lit a pilot light to fix gas leak would you? If we want a professional result, we need to hire a professional!

So if you’re looking at installing some window tint, the professionals at FormulaOne have the knowledge and skill to get the job done right.


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Window Tinting: Why?

Why should you get window tinting?

We talk alot about the different kinds of window tinting you can get and how to use them in the most effective way. But we’ve never fully gone over why you should consider window tints. Well, there are many reasons. Here are just a few:

Efficiency: Window tinting can make your windows more efficient by helping control how much of the sun’s heat enters your home. Making it easier to control the climate in your home and lowering your heating and cooling bills. Window tints work in the summer by blocking the sun’s heat, but it can also keep heat from escaping in the winter. Your window tinting will always be working for you to keep your home more efficient.

Privacy: Much the way auto tinting can give you privacy while you drive, home window tinting can also provide you with privacy. Darker tinted windows can provide much indoor privacy but you can also get decorative window tinting that will let you enjoy your privacy in style!

Protection: Window films are applied by sandwiching the window between two tough layers of film. This has the added benefit of increasing the strength of the window. It won’t become bulletproof, but it will take more force to shatter a filmed window than a regular one. The film will create a barrier that keep the shattered glass from spraying out, much the way a car windshield protects the driver. A burglar will have a hard time smashing a tinted window in one go, and it’s more likely to scare them off if they can’t get in quickly. If you’re interested in the security benefits, there’s even some tinting, called security film, specifically designed with this in mind.

If you’re looking for window tinting, give Formula One by AES a call today.

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Window Tinting: Stained Glass window tinting?

Have you heard about stained glass window tinting?

Adding a unique flavor to your home can be challenging. If you have a classic or rustic feeling home it can be even harder. If you’ve always loved the look of stained glass windows but where put off because they can be inefficient and expensive, then we may have a solution. That solution is stained glass window tinting. What is that? It’s a type of decorative window tinting that turns your regular, highly efficiency window into a stained glass beauty.

This tint is stretched over the window much like a standard window film, but the design on it mimics that of more expensive stained glass. You don’t have to remove the window, or go shopping for the right panes, just have the film made and get it installed by professionals (or yourself if you’ve got the DIY know-how).

A stained glass window can add a beautiful look to any home, but to make the best use of it it should be placed somewhere where it can be best viewed and appreciated. Most stained glass windows are places in or around a front door or in a bathroom for a colorful privacy window. Indoor porches, sunrooms, or any areas with a skylight are also great ideas for a stained glass window tinting. Anywhere where the patterns can be viewed and admired easily.

Stained glass windows can get expensive quick. Pre-made stained glass can run up to $150 per panel and can go as high as $10,000 dollars for a larger panel. If you want it custom made, it gets even more expensive. An artist may charge up to $1,000 for a single pane of custom stained glass. Ouch!

If you’re looking for decorative window tinting, or any window tinting, visit Formula One by AES today.


Window Tinting: Decorative Tinting for Large Logos

Using decorative window tinting to help sell your business

Window tinting isn’t just for exterior windows and autos anymore. Window tinting has a large number of applications that can be used by any kind of business. One type of project that FormulaOne By AES really enjoys doing is creating custom artwork for companies to match their branding. Our decorative designs can be used on more than outside windows as well. In fact, our decorative projects are most often used in places like conference rooms, lobbies, educational institutions, and accent walls in offices.

One example of our custom work was for the OU School of Law. At the beginning of this particular project we started out with the school’s logo. Our team got to work ensuring that this decorative tinting would look amazing and fit just right! We spent many hours re-creating the logo onto film and vinyl so we could apply it to the window they needed.

In the end, the staff at the OU School of  Law was so pleased with the final product of the decorative tinting that they put it in a commercial about their new area in the library. Throughout the commercial you’ll see several shots of the Lumar Window Film in White Frost with black vinyl. This wasn’t the only wall we did though, there was another wall covered with a decorative logo which we did in Oracal Red. To see the commercial, click here.

If you’re considering the installation of decorative tinting from FormulaOne by AES here are a few extras you may want to know about:

  • Our decorative tinting is fully-backed by the Nationwide FormulaOne Transferable Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • The film is protective against heat.
  • It reduces glares from sunlight.
  • The tint offers protection from ultraviolet radiation.

Contact FormulaOne by AES at 405-513-6400 to get started with your own window tinting project!

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Window tinting is perfect for a pool house

Window Tinting for the summer home

Having a swimming pool in your back yard can be quite the blessing. It gives you a great place to play and gather in the summer, raises the value of your home, and generally adds a nice atmosphere to a home. Part of the attraction of a pool house is being able to enjoy sitting by the pool in the shade relaxing. Sometimes though, you or your guests need a little more privacy or you want less glare from the sunlight streaming in on your face. The perfect solution to many of these problems is window tinting!

A pool house is a great way to provide a multitude of amenities to you and your guests. It can be a comfortable changing room, nearby bathroom, or just a relaxing place to rest. Imagine being able to come into your pool house after building up an appetite from swimming with enough light to see outside, while also keeping out the harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun. You could enjoy a nice cookout style meal without the fear of getting sunburned!

You could choose to sit at a table inside, eat a snack, and look out over the gorgeous view of your pool. Or maybe you’d like to sit inside and have a chat without having to deal with the glare of the sunlight blinding you. Window tinting can truly make your pool house have a real sense of calm.

.Not only is window tinting a functional investment for keeping you, your guests, and your family safe from UV rays, but it also protects your beloved furniture, carpet, flooring, and other decorations from fading. Window tinting may be the piece you need to transform your pool house into a cozy summer getaway.

At FormulaOne by AES, we are experts at installing window tinting of any size. We also have a large range of window tinting films to choose from and each can be cut to the exact size of your window. We have a great time perfecting all the little details and making sure each unique window is fitted with the best possible film.

If you have a window tinting project that you need help with this summer, we would love nothing more than to help you out. Please feel free to give FormulaOne by AES a call at 405-513-6400.